Ashfield Apartment
Investigating investment


Ashfield Apartment
Investigating investment

  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Builder: Owner Builder
  • Construction: Fit out
  • Size: >100m2
  • Completed: 2015
  • Photography: Josh Fitzgerald

This was about the construction process. The Ashfield Apartment was an exploratory project undertaken by Archier. In being our own client, we had the opportunity to explore materials and methods of our own choosing.

Significant modifications were made to the 1960s apartment in order to clarify and structure the spacial layout. With amazing views of Mount Wellington, and multiple sources of natural light, we focused on opening up the apartment as much and as simply as possible.

The compact footprint allowed for involvement in all aspects of the build including demolition of two walls enclosing the kitchen, enlarging the bedroom doors, modernising the kitchen and bathroom and laying a European oak herringbone floor. When removing the walls, structural steel was inserted in plane with the timber roof structure, creating a seamless transition between spaces that a bulkhead wouldn’t allow. The bedroom doors were widened and heightened, using a recessed sliding door track that, in conjunction with the flooring, further extended the sense of space in the living area.


The kitchen layout was designed and focused by common use and efficiency of space. Shallow top drawers for quick, everyday access; large bottom drawers for pots and pans; a central, hidden drawer for occasional use items; and a tall, multi-drawer unit designed as a pantry. This allowed space for an integrated dishwasher, a luxury not expected in such a small space. We extended this approach to both bedrooms, where full-height wardrobes, with large integrated drawers, maximised the use of the space.